Last year for LGBTSTEM Day we asked people to submit a video of themselves with a simple phrase “I’m LGBTQ and I’m in STEM!”
The video and the message were simple by design as we were approaching the daunting task of co-launching the international day, we wanted a clear unifying message, in a short video.

This year we would like to do something bigger. We would like the entire video to last at least five minutes, and fill it with people answering this question:

“What changes would you like to see in STEM?”

It’s an enormous question, we are aware. And a short answer might be difficult. But we want to feature many, many voices.
We strongly believe that bringing diversity, inclusion, and the feeling of belonging in STEM disciplines must be an all-encompassing endeavor, and the voices of minorities (especially those in already underrepresented groups) need to be given a space to be heard.

So, if you are interested in participating, here are some ways you can help:

  • Send us a short video up to 30 seconds long in which you answer the question ‘What changes would you like to see in STEM’.
    The video must be filmed in landscape, not portrait, at a resolution of at least 1080. This is an essential requirement.
    Please stand somewhere quiet, with a plain, tidy background, with only your chest, shoulders and head in shot, like this example.
    Your answer can be in English, as well as your native spoke or signed language (please include a transcript of your words, if possible, for translation and subtitles)
  • If you do not wish to be on camera but want your voice heard, please send us an anonymous (or not) answer by completing this form or reply to this email with what you’d like said, and we will find someone to read the answer for you.

Deadline to submit a video/answer is June 21st.