Saturday 6th July will see Pride in STEM at the forefront (quite literally) of this year’s march for Pride in London.

Nothing quite beats the thrill of walking, placards raised, cheering and laughing, being buoyed by the enthusiasm of the crowd. Great fun; we got a little bit sunburnt and what do you know, Pride is upon us all again.

It’s going to be a fun stroll and if are either a Pride veteran or never marched before we would love for YOU to walk with us. We also have some fundings to support travel costs if you are a student!

We’re a growing organisation and representation is the key to that growth – there isn’t a better time to acquaint yourselves with what we do. We have seventy places and we want to represent the diversity to be found in STEM, as well as proudly showing to the world (in what has been a challenging year in LGBTQ+ equality) that strength is very much alive in numbers. Last year saw us actively use the parade as a chance to engage with the crowd; Alfredo last year wrote of his experiences.

There’ll be a training session before the event so don’t worry if you’ve never science-busked or even marched before (we’re all very lovely people and we want everyone to have as much fun as possible).

Fancy getting involved? Complete this form and we will get in touch soon. Any questions e-mail us at