You might have noticed that Out Thinkers, our events in the UK, have all been cancelled. The cancellations have been absolutely necessary, physical distancing is key to protecting as many people as possible, in order to reduce the strain on the health system, and reduce the loss of life due to COVID-19. 

Most of the work of Pride in STEM is focused on showcasing of LGBTQ+ people in STEM, so we are now considering how to best serve the community in this complex time. Our idea is to run virtual Out Thinkers. The format is simple. A 3- minute video talking briefly about yourself and your work. 

We are lucky that some of our volunteers are editing wizards, so they can make sure it is a great little video. All we’ll need from you is your video (taken on your phone or computer camera, or digital camera in landscape, not portrait), if you want to include images or graphs, and a little transcript of what you are going to say, so that we can always include subtitles and make sure the videos are accessible on every platform to as many people as possible. 

Our idea is to then share six at a time before an online meet-up, where people can ask questions to the speakers. 

If you would like to participate here is the form: