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(1) Solidarity With #BlackLivesMatter

We stand in solidarity with the Black community in Minneapolis and across the US resisting and fighting against police brutality, state violence, and murder.

If you are wondering what you can do to help, follow this link:

(2) Dr Jayasinghe shortlisted for a National Diversity Award 

The phenomenal Dr Izzy Jayasinghe has been shortlisted for the Positive Role Model Award for LGBT at the National Diversity Awards 2020.

(3) Out Thinkers Going Virtual

The cancellations of the CamSciFest Out Thinkers and several others have been absolutely necessary. We remain in the middle of a pandemic and physical distancing is key to protecting as many people as possible, in order to reduce the strain on the health system, and reduce the loss of life due to COVID-19. 

Most of the work of Pride in STEM is focused on showcasing of LGBTQ+ people in STEM, so we are now considering how to best serve the community in this complex time. Our idea is to run virtual Out Thinkers. The format is simple. A 3- minute video talking briefly about yourself and your work. 

We are lucky that some of our volunteers are editing whizzes, so they can make sure it is a great little video. All we’ll need from you is your video (taken in landscape, not portrait, on your phone/computer/digital camera), if you want to include images or graphs, and a little transcript of what you are going to say, so that we can always include subtitles and make sure the videos are accessible on every platform to as many people as possible. 

Our idea is to then share six at a time before an online meet-up, where people can ask questions to the speakers. 

If you would like to participate here is the form:


(4) New Shop

Exciting news! We have been teasing the first three badges for a while and they are finally here! We currently have the standard logo and two flag variations (trans flag and bi flag) available for purchase.

Here’s the link to the shop: http://prideinstem.org/shop


As we’ve said previously, in 2020, #LGBTSTEMDay will move to November 18. You can find out more information about why this has been chosen here: https://prideinstem.org/2019/10/22/lgbtstemday-2020-a-potential-new-date-more-opportunities-to-make-a-difference/  

(6) LGBTQ+ STEM are seeking volunteers

In their words: “Friends! We’re looking for an extra hand here at LGBTQ+ STEM HQ. There’s no fame, glory & fortune, but warm fuzzy feelings and (when lockdown is lifted) cake. If you have a bit of time, let us know how you can help!”

If you are keen, please complete the form here:


(7) Wider Reading

If you are looking for some reading (and listening and watching), perhaps you might find these articles/podcasts/threads/videos interesting (if you have anything to suggest on LGBTQ+ and inclusion in STEM, please let us know and we can feature them in the next newsletter).

(8) Interviews for LGBTQ+ STEM

LGBTQ+ STEM are seeking more volunteers to contribute to their interviews series, to provide role models and perspectives. It’s really easy to get involved, you can find examples and their short form here:  https://lgbtstem.wordpress.com/interviews/

(9) Uni of Manchester research into LGBTIQ+ & COVID-19

Dr Billy Tusker Haworth, a lecturer in the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute at the University of Manchester is conducting a research study to try to better-understand the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer+ (LGBTIQ+) people during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. The study aims to answer the following questions:

• What are the experiences of LGBTIQ+ people of the coronavirus, response measures and restrictions?

• How are LGBTIQ+ people and communities more vulnerable during this crisis?

• How are LGBTIQ+ people coping and adapting during coronavirus?

• What lessons can be learned for future strategies that are more inclusive of LGBTIQ+ needs?

The participants for the study must be aged 18 or older, identify as LGBTIQ+, and living in the UK or Brazil during the coronavirus health crisis. Participation in the study would require completing one 60 minute interview via online platform Zoom with Dr Haworth in English, or his research assistant (Mr Tiago de Paula Muniz) in Portuguese, at a convenient time.

Anybody interested in participating or gaining further information can contact him directly via email at: billy.haworth@manchester.ac.uk.  Anybody interested will have the chance to find out more about the study before coming to any decision, including details of how their information will be handled, anonymised, and used in the research.  There will be no obligation to take part. 

Information on the study is also available online: https://billyhaworth.com/lgbtiq_covid-19_english/ 

The use of email to recruit participants for this study has been approved by the University of Manchester Research Ethics Committee [Ref: 2020-9722-15392].

(10) Maillist

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We are always interested in hearing from people in STEM. If you have an item that is of interest in Pride in STEM, please get in touch. We aim to release them around the 25th of each month, and can include news items from members of the community. If you’d like something featured in the newsletter, please let us know via info@prideinstem.org