Sara El-Gebali

Dr. Sara El-Gebali is a biocurator and a cancer biologist. In this talk she illustrates how her personal and professional life intertwine to influence her career path resulting in her move from wet lab to dry lab. Sara graduated with a BSc in Molecular Biology from University of Lund in Sweden, then moved to London on a CRUK bursary to pursue her studies in Cancer and Molecular Pathology and Genomics at QMUL. She worked in different labs in Scotland and Switzerland before pursuing her PhD degree in Cellular and Biomedical Sciences focusing on colon cancer research. The main objective of this talk is to highlight that personal life and professional life are not two completely separate entities. Sara talks about how her personal experiences as a queer woman of color has in many instances led her to move from one place to another, influencing her career as a scientist as well as how her career has taken her to places where her personal life developed, in the end she points out that we are not just scientists, but we are human beings behind the science.